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Samantha Bee Likens ICE to Nazis in 'Schindler's List,' Calls for Abolition

NewsBusters - 3 hours 25 min ago
<p>On Wednesday's <em>Full Frontal</em> show on TBS, liberal comedian Samantha Bee lashed out against Immigration and Customs Enforcement by likening its agents to those who cheered when Jews were taken away to be killed by German Nazis as she pushed for abolishing the agency. She also took a shot at "wall humpers" in the Republican party as she cracked that they could rejoice that other police officers would still be around to "treat nonwhite people like subhuman garbage."</p>

Trump should declare victory on China and retreat - AEI - American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

American Enterprise Institute - 3 hours 32 min ago

In any “trade war,” the most important thing to remember is the limit of the martial metaphor. When a foreign company sells Americans something they choose to buy, it is not an act of aggression. Trade negotiations aren’t a zero-sum game in which one country wins and the other has to lose.

The point is being forgotten right now, and not just by protectionists. Practically everyone is saying that President Donald Trump is losing, surrendering, caving or capitulating to China. But “losing” may be a victory for the American economy, given some of the alternative outcomes.

That’s not to say that the “China hawks” in the administration — there’s that martial language again! — are wrong about everything. Chinese tariffs against American exports, theft of intellectual property, forced technology transfer: All are legitimate American grievances. The hawks appear to be focused on getting long-term policy change on all these issues.

The doves, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in extracting promises of a rapid reduction in the U.S. trade deficit with China. Looking narrowly at those competing objectives, the hawks have the better of the argument, both because promises that the bilateral deficit will fall are worth little and because that deficit is not in itself especially important.

So you can see why even some people who have in the past generally been free-traders, such as Republican Senator Marco Rubio, have been urging President Trump to “stay strong” and ruing administration concessions.

But the hawks and their new allies are acting as though we are bound either to get what they want or what the doves want. If those were the only choices, they might be right. There are, however, other possibilities. One is a standoff that yields new tariffs on both sides, which would harm both countries’ economies. Even worse would be an escalating trade war that undermined the global trading system as a whole.

That last scenario does not have to be likely to be alarming. And the administration’s hapless conduct of trade diplomacy so far raises that probability.

A well-considered strategy for fighting Chinese mercantilism would have started very differently. President Trump would have kept the U.S. in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement that was partly designed for that very purpose. Instead he attacked it during his campaign, savagely if vaguely: It amounted to “a rape of our country,” even though he never identified any feature of it to which he objected. He withdrew from it once in office. Last month he said he might rejoin it, then seemed to change his mind again a few days later.

A strategy against Chinese mercantilism would have used the World Trade Organization. Instead Trump has criticized it, mused about leaving it, and imposed tariffs outside it.

Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, and the manner of their implementation, have also undermined the fight against Chinese mercantilism. First he threatened unilateral tariffs that covered many countries that share our interests with respect to China. His aides insisted there would be no exemptions; then exemptions were granted for most imports, but only on a temporary basis. The message the world received: We are not interested in working with you on trade matters, but we also can’t be assumed to be serious about following through on what we say about them.

If would-be allies had any remaining confidence in our trade policies, our handling of the China dispute has sapped it. The administration’s negotiators plainly don’t agree with one another, and the president has not settled their disagreements. All in all the administration’s actions are isolating the U.S. rather than China.

The president has great confidence in his deal-making ability, but little demonstrated knowledge about trade policy, conflicting impulses and infighting aides (two of whom, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and trade czar Peter Navarro, do not appear to understand the basics of national accounting). The possibility that we will stumble into truly damaging trade conflict cannot be dismissed. Take that possibility into account, and the doves have reached the right conclusion: It would be best for the administration to find a way to declare victory and get out of this trade battle.

Equities have risen on the news of Trump’s “surrender.” The market appears to think that for Trump to hang tough would be more likely to harm than help the economy. With good reasons to agree and no strong reasons to disagree, we should trust that judgment.

Hayward: NFL Anthem Rules Expose the Left’s Warped View of Patriotism

Breitbart News - 3 hours 38 min ago
When President Donald Trump praised the NFL on Thursday for requiring players to stand during the National Anthem and suggested players should quit the game - or perhaps even the country - if they cannot abide by the rule, he put his finger on the vital pressure point in America’s great social divide: the definition of patriotism.

Morgan Freeman Apologizes After Harassment Claims Surface: ‘Never My Intent’ To Make ‘Anyone Feel Uneasy’

Breitbart News - 3 hours 41 min ago
Hollywood veteran actor Morgan Freeman released a statement apologizing for his actions following a bombshell report alleging the Oscar-winner engaged in "inappropriate behavior," and "sexual harassment."

Dismissiveness Toward Women Leads to Paige Patterson’s Dismissal, But Message Still ‘Not Sent’

The Stream - 3 hours 41 min ago

As Alex Chediak has reported, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has dismissed its president, Dr. Paige Patterson, placing him on emeritus status. The action follows strong public reaction to a series of remarks about women.

I was floored when I heard him tell a mother her son was “being biblical” when he ogled a 16 year-old girl in church and said, “Man, she is built.” I cannot imagine myself saying that in front of any other woman. I’d certainly never have done it around my late mother, and absolutely never my wife. Yet Patterson affirmed it as “biblical,” not just once, but again in the sermon excerpt you see in the video below.

His point in that message was that women are beautiful. That required no special knowledge of the Bible on his part, and no explication in front of a church -- yet he pulled it out of the original Hebrew anyway. Seeking to be biblical, he should have rushed to add that God created both men and women in His image, equally human, equal in worth and dignity. Jesus very specifically condemned lustful thoughts.

Instead he affirmed a young man’s lustful comment toward a young woman. He also dismissed the other woman standing there at the time -- the mom -- by interfering with her act of correcting her son. That in itself was wrong. For similar reasons reason his recently publicized 1997 joke that “everyone should own one” -- a woman, that is -- is also astonishing.

God created both men and women in His image, equally human, equal in worth and dignity.

Not What Human Beings Are For

God made no woman to be used, either in any physical relationship outside the covenant of marriage, or even for men’s private visual lusting. That’s not what humans are for. In fact as a man, I’ve learned that’s the single healthiest way for me to respond when a woman catches my eye. Yes, she’s physically attractive, I’ll acknowledge, but I can be aware of that without using her for something God didn’t intend her for.

Patterson has reportedly apologized for some of this. He has not backed down, however, from his advice that a wife suffering abuse stay in the marriage. And he advised abused women not even to separate for a season except in the most extreme circumstances.

There is more to that statement than meets the eye. Better outcomes may result from this advice than people have given Patterson credit for. Marriage matters. Separation is a serious thing. Civil divorce is to be avoided at all reasonable costs. Even on that most-charitable-possible view, though, I still see the scope of his recommendation as far, far too broad. A woman must have some recourse to protect herself. We wouldn’t think twice about putting a man in jail for beating a woman. Why should we consider that form of separation just and proper, but reject the far simpler separation of a husband and wife, for her protection and his correction?

Adding to the offense, Patterson allegedly encouraged a rape victim in 2003 to forgive her offender (which is biblical even for the worst offenses, as Christ has forgiven us ) without reporting him to the police (which is not).

Message Not Sent

Rachael Denhollander is an attorney and gymnast who was prominent in exposing the massive sex abuse scandal involving physician Larry Nassar, U.S. Gymnastics and Michigan State University. As an evangelical, she’s also been deeply involved in helping stop sexual harassment and abuse in the Church. She told The Stream in an interview, “I think we are seeing a microcosm of something that is rampant.... Patterson’s views are not unique; they are not unique at all. It’s actually very widespread.” Speaking of the seminary’s delayed -- and mild -- response, she said, “I think it says a lot about how widespread his views are, and how little we care.”

Al Mohler, the highly influential president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has likewise written of how widespread this problem is. Deeply rooted, too, for as Denhollander pointed out, “The message that this is unacceptable, and this is not what Scripture teaches, has definitely not been sent.”

It’s a disturbing thought, but not one to be passed over lightly. Patterson has been speaking dismissively toward women for a long time. Has no one whispered him a private warning? What did his wife think of all this? If anyone spoke up, it would appear he paid it too little mind.

Correction: Mild and Late

Correction is no longer optional in these #MeToo days, especially for a seminary president and the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The school board terminated him in the gentlest possible way, granting him emeritus status with pay and a permanent place of residence.

Help us champion truth, freedom, limited government and human dignity. Support The Stream >>

He’s scheduled to deliver a major sermon at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting this summer. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be allowed to deliver it. It’s hard to imagine any positive outcome from him doing so. Not unless he takes it as his opportunity to deliver a heartfelt, biblical, and above all, believable message of repentance.

I’m hopeful that good will come of this. The Church, including more than just Southern Baptists, is too willing to dismiss men’s misbehaviors while dismissing women altogether. We’ve taken a few steps toward growth and improvement in this, but maybe we needed a turning point, something that would shout out clearly that it’s wrong. May these events prove to be that turning point.

NBC Uses HBO McCain Movie to Bash Republicans

NewsBusters - 3 hours 52 min ago
<p>Touting a preview of HBO’s new documentary on the life of Arizona Senator John McCain, who is battling terminal brain cancer, on Thursday, NBC’s Today show used the segment as an excuse to slam Republicans over their “rush last summer to replace ObamaCare” and alluded to the former GOP presidential nominee’s “mistake” of selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.</p>

Trump Looks to the Stars: President Orders Deregulation of Space Travel

Breitbart News - 4 hours 12 min ago
President Donald J. Trump issued a directive on Thursday ordering federal agencies to further deregulate space travel, allowing more private companies to enhance the space program.

NFL Owners Admit President Trump’s Influence a Factor in Anthem Policy Change

Breitbart News - 4 hours 20 min ago
After the NFL changed their policy, requiring players to stand and "show respect" for the national anthem, the conventional wisdom held that fear of a strong reaction from President Trump was a major factor in forcing the NFL to enact the new rule.

Report: Amazon Selling Bomb-Making, Islamic Extremist Books

Breitbart News - 4 hours 22 min ago
Amazon is reportedly selling bomb-making guides and Islamic extremist books which are banned in British prisons, prompting calls for an official investigation.

Trump is proving to be the most fearlessly pro-life president in history - AEI - American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

American Enterprise Institute - 4 hours 31 min ago

President Trump’s critics were apoplectic last week when the president referred to MS-13 gang members as “animals.” Of course, no one should be dehumanized. Yet many of the same people expressing outrage that Trump would dehumanize vicious gang members have no problem dehumanizing innocent, unborn children.

Trump has stood up for the humanity of the unborn child like no president in recent memory. And this is why so many Christian conservatives stick with him. Witness the foot-stomping standing ovation the president received Tuesday night at the annual Campaign for Life gala of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. Not only was Trump reportedly the first president to address this incredible organization in its 26-year history, he used the occasion to deliver on yet another pro-life promise, one that his Republican predecessors could not, or would not, fulfill: He announced a new rule to stop indirect taxpayer funding of abortion through the Title X family planning program.

“When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life, and as president, that’s exactly what I have done,” Trump declared. “Today, we have kept another promise. My administration has proposed a new rule to prohibit Title X funding from going to any clinic that performs abortions.”

Any organization receiving Title X funds will be required to establish a bright line of both physical and financial separation between its family planning activities and any program or facility that performs or refers women for abortions. Since 1976, federal law has prohibited use of federal funds for abortion. But today, Planned Parenthood clinics that receive federal family planning funds often essentially refer women for on-site abortions. Under Trump’s Protect Life Rule, this will no longer be permitted.

The Protect Life Rule is a victory pro-life Americans have been awaiting for three decades. President Ronald Reagan first issued a version of the rule in 1988, but pro-abortion groups challenged it in court. The George H.W. Bush administration fought them all the way to the Supreme Court and won: In 1991, the court upheld the Reagan rule in Rust v. Sullivan. But the ruling came too late; Bill Clinton soon took office and withdrew the rule.

When George W. Bush was elected, he failed to reinstate the rule during his eight years in office. My former White House colleague Yuval Levin recently wrote that the reinstatement effort “was abandoned in the spring of 2006, in a deputies-level policy gathering that was one of the most contentious meetings I ever witnessed in government.”

In the Trump administration, there were apparently no “contentious” meetings or hand-wringing over the impact on Capitol Hill. He just did it. This fearlessness when it comes to the cause of life is what warms the hearts of Christian conservatives and makes them loyal to the president.

The left is, of course, outraged. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called Trump’s action “despicable,” and the New York Times editorial page complained that the rule “could devastate groups like Planned Parenthood.” That is, unfortunately, a gross overstatement, as Planned Parenthood gets three-quarters of its federal funds through Medicaid, which would not be impacted. But it is music to pro-life ears. And despite Democrats’ anger, the new rule should have broad public support. A Marist poll released in January found that 60 percent of Americans oppose using tax dollars for abortion, while only 36 percent approve.

Since taking office, Trump has taken many steps to ensure our tax dollars are not used to subsidize the taking of innocent human life. He got a record number of conservative judges confirmed during his first year; allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood; defunded the pro-abortion United Nations Population Fund; restored and expanded the Mexico City policy banning taxpayer funds for groups that perform abortions overseas; and exempted organizations with moral objections against providing abortifacient drugs from the Obamacare Health and Human Services mandate. He is, as SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser put it Tuesday, “the most pro-life president in our nation’s history.”

“Every life is sacred, and . . . every child is a precious gift from God,” Trump declared Tuesday night. “We know that every life has meaning and that every life is totally worth protecting.” Trump is doing everything in his power to protect those lives. That is why pro-life conservatives stick with him.

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Judge Says Sexism Played Role in University’s Wrongful Expulsion of Male Student

Breitbart News - 4 hours 55 min ago
A judge argued that sexism played a role in the expulsion of a male student at Johnson and Wales University who suffered an allegedly botched investigation into a sexual assault allegation against him.

Report: Female-Only Programs at the University of Michigan May Violate Title IX

Breitbart News - 5 hours 7 min ago
The University of Michigan is reviewing 11 female-only programs offered by the institution after they were the focus of a recent Title IX complaint.

WATCH: El Paso Border Patrol Agents Honor Their Fallen

Breitbart News - 5 hours 16 min ago
Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector gathered Thursday morning to honor their fellow agents who gave their lives in the service of protecting U.S. borders.

HimToo: Eight Women Accuse Morgan Freeman of ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

Breitbart News - 5 hours 17 min ago
Eight women have come forward to accuse Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment and said the veteran star engaged in inappropriate behavior on movie sets, during interviews, and at his work office over a period of years.

AP Fails to Tag MS-13 Murderer Nicknamed 'Animal' As Illegal Immigrant

NewsBusters - 5 hours 22 min ago
<p>Tuesday, MS-13 gang member Joel Martinez was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of a 15 year-old boy from a rival gang. The <em>Boston Globe</em> reported on May 14 that Martinez "was captured on video bragging about the slaying." The <em>Globe</em> also noted that the killer's nickname is the singular version of the word President Donald Trump used two days later to describe MS-13 members. In its story on Martinez's sentencing, the Associated Press violated its own Stylebook guidance when it failed to note that Martinez is in the U.S. illegally.</p>

Pompeo ‘Still Optimistic That We Will Reach’ North Korea Deal

Breitbart News - 5 hours 27 min ago
WASHINGTON, DC — The Trump administration remains “optimistic” that it will be able to convince North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to take steps towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for sanctions relief, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told lawmakers Thursday.

New Amazon Documentary Series Delivers Economics with Lefty Tilt

NewsBusters - 5 hours 29 min ago
<p>Jeff Bezos, owner of the left-wing <em>Washington Post</em>, is continuing his quest to expand his political influence. The Bezos-owned <a href="https://studios.amazon.com/" style="text-decoration-line:none">Amazon Studios</a> is partnering with liberal celebrities to explain economics.</p>

Trump Revs Immigration Reform for November: ‘We’re Going to Change the System’

Breitbart News - 5 hours 34 min ago
President Donald Trump shoved cheap-labor immigration back into the November election by suggesting he would veto any amnesty which emerges from the discharge petition process, and also by urging Congress to pass his four-part immigration compromise.

The Real Issue Between Israel and the Palestinians

The Stream - 5 hours 48 min ago

Yet again, a new spat of headlines from the Middle East have hit our feeds. And yet again, we are told, essentially, "It's all Israel's fault."

Israel is not a perfect country. Jews themselves don't even think it is. There's a famous joke about Jews that says "Two Jews, three opinions." You'll find a lively range of opinion among Jews both in, and outside of Israel.

Hamas, unfortunately, is not so divided. Its founding Charter called for the elimination of all Jews -- not just in Israel, but throughout the world. Its "coat of arms" shows the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, with the entire land of Israel/Palestine on top in Islamic green, with two swords on the bottom. This organization has never been about peace, never been about coexistence, and never been about progress. Its entire reason for being is the destruction of Israel, and the murder of Jews. On this they are united.

Hamas: Terrorizing Israel and Using Palestinians

And it was Hamas Israel just did battle with recently.

The same Hamas who throws homosexuals off of rooftops, inspiring the inimitable Douglas Murray to observe "If you were part of 'Gays for Palestine' in Palestine you'd have to be in Israel!"

The same Hamas who hires people to go on suicide missions by offering their families money.

The same Hamas that fires missiles from hospitals, and uses civilians as human shields.

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The same Hamas who, after Israel offers multiple warnings for evacuations, threatens Palestinian civilians, at gunpoint, to stay where they are. Their blood being splattered across western television is more useful than their lives.

The same Hamas who, after the unilateral evacuation of all Jews from the Gaza strip, destroyed immense amounts of economic infrastructure (because it was created by Jews), and uses the hundreds of tons of aid convoyed into it by Israel on a daily basis to build weapons, dig tunnels, and repress its own people.

Fake Rallies, Fake Reports

Thus, for those of us who actually pay attention and study this conflict, the sight of Hamas-inspired "rallies" at the border of Gaza and Israel is no surprise. We know it isn't real. We know that in most cases, it is either the result of cash payments, or threats of violence. Is there genuine pain and anguish involved? Yes, absolutely. But most of it is created by Hamas for the sake of western media, who oftentimes refuse to tell the truth.

After Israel offers multiple warnings for evacuations, Hamas threatens Palestinian civilians, at gunpoint, to stay where they are. Their blood being splattered across western television is more useful than their lives.

For example, we were told that 62 Palestinians were killed, presumably because Israel is savage and has contempt for human life. This in turn catalyzed a cascade of virtue-signaling from politicians, celebrities, and "activists" alike, all condemning Israel. But soon after, we learned the truth (which, again, those of us who follow this conflict already knew). Of those 60 dead, 53 were terrorists. Fifty were from Hamas itself, and three were from Islamic Jihad. The other 7 could have been engaged in hostile actions, but didn't officially belong to any terrorist groups (as far as we know). Thus, Israel was not indiscriminately firing into crowds, but taking out terrorist thugs who were attacking it. If any of them had succeeded in taking down the border fence, and thousands flooded into Israel, the outcome would have been far bloodier than it was.

It’s Not About the Embassy

The ostensible cause of this madness? Western media says "The moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem."

This is nonsense. That was not the cause -- it was merely the pretext.

What does the move of the embassy do? Absolutely nothing. Under any and all proposals over the last three decades by either Israel or the Palestinian Authority for a two-state solution, Jerusalem was always divided between the two -- roughly Western Jerusalem for Israel, and East Jerusalem for the Palestinians. (This is an entirely arbitrary division, I might add; the result of the 1948 attempt by the Arabs to commit a second Holocaust by wiping out all the Jews in the Holy Land.) In any event, it was always certain that Israel would have at least West Jerusalem -- and that is where the Embassy is located.

Beyond according Israel what is accorded to every other nation on earth, absolutely nothing changed.

What Relocating the Embassy Did

The relocation of the U.S. Embassy did two things: it acknowledged the reality which both Israel and the Palestinians have assumed for decades (i.e. that Israel would always have at least West Jerusalem), and affirmed the right of Israel to say where its capital is. Nothing more.

But, as with so much else, the Jewish State was held to a different standard -- one that apparently makes Hamas' violent, and genocide-inspired actions at its border understandable. And yet what could Hamas possibly be protesting -- the obvious? The reality? The same understanding that their fellow Palestinians have always claimed (at least publicly) to have?

Nearly 90 percent of the people killed by Israel in the recent "protests" were terrorists -- men committed not to bloodying Israel's nose, but smiting Israel's neck.

The reality is that those who would deny that Jerusalem was, or could be, Israel's capital in any way are the same ones who would deny that Israel has any right to exist at all. Period.

And that denial of a right simply to be is the foundation of Hamas. That's why nearly 90 percent of the people killed by Israel in the recent "protests" were terrorists -- men committed not to bloodying Israel's nose, but smiting Israel's neck.

Hamas More Honest Than Western Media

What made the entire sordid affair even worse is that Hamas openly acknowledged its aims. It openly acknowledged that this was not a peaceful protest, but an act of violence. The leader of Hamas explicitly said "So when we talk about 'peaceful resistance,' we are deceiving the public," and said that Palestinians should not even be talking with Israel. Hamas also recently acknowledged, on Lebanese TV, that it was in almost daily contact with Hezbollah and Iran, both of which have, likewise, affirmed their desire to destroy Israel.

And that is the core of the conflict: one side accepts the right of the other to exist. The other, doesn't.

Thus, it is no stretch to say that we are in a position where Hamas -- an organization dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish people -- is being more honest than the western media.

Remember that the next time you read headlines from Gaza.

The budget resolution: Content, timeliness, and enforcement - AEI - American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

American Enterprise Institute - 6 hours 6 min ago

The federal government is running very large annual budget deficits, and those deficits will grow in the future as the U.S. population ages and health spending continues to grow more rapidly than the economy. The current federal budget process is not helping Congress grapple with this significant challenge. Also, it does not facilitate an orderly and timely decision-making process. Congress wastes too much time on small and irrelevant matters even as it fails to focus enough attention on issues of real budgetary consequence.

There are many aspects of the current process that need to change. Today, you have asked us to focus on the role of the congressional budget resolution and how it might be changed in a reformed process. In my testimony, I make three suggestions for changing the role of the budget resolution.

  • First, the budget resolution should become the legislative vehicle for establishing and amending statutory caps on discretionary spending.
  • Second, passage of a budget resolution by both houses should automatically lead to passage of a statutory increase in the federal debt limit.
  • Third, the budget resolution should be modified to include a focus on the federal government’s medium and long-term fiscal outlook.

Read the full testimony here.


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