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UFC's White: 'I Will Never Talk Bad About Donald Trump'

Breitbart News - 4 hours 33 min ago
During Fox News Channel’s Sunday airing of “OBJECTified,” UFC President Dana White praised his friend Donald Trump as someone he will “never talk bad about.” White said way before Trump ever ran for office, the president gave his league its start when nobody else would give them a shot. “I’m never going to say anything bad about — ever. Ever, ever, ever. That guy gave us our start when nobody would talk to us,” said White. He added, “No arenas wanted us. [Trump] reached out and he’s always been a friend to me. The guy’s always been a friend to me. Donald Trump has never done anything remotely negative to me, ever — except try to compete with me.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

CA Legislative Committees Pass Seven Gun Control Bills

Breitbart News - 6 hours 31 min ago
A California Senate committee and an Assembly committee passed a total of seven new gun control bills during the past week.

Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Glows in Green Ralph Lauren Sweater, Sneakers

Breitbart News - 7 hours 14 min ago
First Lady Melania Trump glowed in a green turtleneck sweater as she returned to the White House after spending time in New Jersey.

Illegal Alien Arrested by ICE, Wanted for Murder in Mexico, Has Five Anchor Babies with Illegal Alien Wife

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:48
An illegal alien living in the United States who was recently arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and is wanted in Mexico on homicide charges has five U.S.-born children that have been rewarded with birthright citizenship.

Feds Offering $20,000 Reward for Suspect Accused of Threatening Trump

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:36
Federal authorities announced Sunday that they are offering $20,000 to anyone who can provide information leading to the capture and arrest of a Pennsylvania man accused of threatening President Trump and other high-profile government officials.

Bolton: In Addition to Russia, Sufficient Concern China, Iran, North Korea Are Meddling in 2018 Election  

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:11
Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” national security adviser John Bolton said there is a “sufficient national security concern” that in addition to Russia the nations of China, Iran, and North Korea are attempting to meddle in America’s 2018 midterm election. Bolton said, “I can say definitely it’s a sufficient national security concern about Chinese meddling, Iranian meddling, and North Korean meddling that we’re taking steps to try and prevent. So all four of those countries really.” He added, “I’m not going to get into what I’ve seen or haven’t seen, but I’m telling you looking at the 2018 election those are the four countries that we’re most concerned about.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Don’t You Dare Get Used to This Madness

The Stream - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 23:00

The world has gone mad. At least in America and most of the West, we're seeing insanity growing day by day. Don't you dare get used to it.

Don't sigh and tell yourself, "Yeah, yeah, another article on madness. We see them all the time." Granted, you don't have to react in despair to every article you see -- in fact despair is the wrong response anyway, as I'll share in a moment. But don't let that lull you. Don't hide from the insanity. Don't treat it as a problem "out there somewhere."

Consider: Some American politicians (Maxine Waters, for one) are openly calling for violence against our own people. Other, more prominent, politicians are tacitly doing the same by remaining silent while violence increases (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for two). A man who says he's a woman is running for governor of his state. My statement there makes me (supposedly) an intolerant, disrespectful person; for I'm not allowing them intolerantly, disrespectfully to force me into calling him a woman instead. Medical and education professionals are telling parents they must comply with their pre-school and grade-school children's desire to be the other sex. An openly admitted pedophile is running for Congress. The Freedom from Religion Foundation wants an American Army general arrested for having what they call "weaponized ... Christianity." (He prays for people and has a Christian website.) California is on the verge of passing a law making it illegal to sell products or services that encourage homosexuals to change. It's not the least bit clear that the Bible would be exempted from this prohibition. Responsible Christian ministries are labeled "hate groups," and large corporations, including important media and social media groups, take it seriously. American college students are willing to agree that if an average American man says he's a 6'5" Chinese woman, then that's what he is. Gay “pride” has become a stronger moral “good” than both heterosexuality and chastity. Don’t Get Used to It!

Are you getting used to all that? Don't!

It's madness. It's a country gone crazy. This is not metaphor, it's not hyperbole, it's not over-stated. It's real.

You dare not get used to it. Sure, there's a sense in which it's becoming "normal," meaning, it's not unusual anymore; it's the way things commonly are these days. When we let that "normality" seem normal in any other way, though, that's when we're in danger of sliding into the insanity ourselves.

So face it for what it is. Let the craziness of it all burn into your mind. Then take action.

Take the Right Action

What kind of action? Here's the other time you must reflect very deeply. Too often, people react to insanity of one kind by practicing their own madness of another kind. They kick. They scream. They call names. They mount protests that turn violent. Or (conversely) they hide from it all, pretending it's not there, or it doesn't affect them or their loved ones.

I've been reading Jeremiah lately. He's the prophet who saw Judah fall to pieces, in manner disturbingly parallel to America's madness today. And he's a great example for us. 

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He knew the destruction that was coming, yet he remained hopeful in God. He trusted in God's redemptive purposes even in the worst of times. He preached God's love and his promises. He stayed the course -- 23 years as of the middle of the book (Jer. 25:3).

Don't you dare get used to the madness. But don't let it knock your eyes off God, either. Keep your eyes open to the whole reality, including the visible world and God’s invisible workings.

The world isn't done getting as crazy as it's likely to become. Be clear-headed, be godly, be aware and be a force for sanity in a world gone mad.

U.S. Steel to Invest $750M at Indiana Plant Thanks to Trump Tariffs: 'We Are Experiencing a Renaissance'

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 22:23
U.S. Steel will invest $750 million at their 110-year-old steel manufacturing plant in Gary, Indiana, crediting President Trump's tariffs.

John Brennan Cites Fake News Date for Russia 'Collusion'

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 22:15
Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director John Brennan told NBC News' Chuck Todd on Sunday's Meet the Press that he learned since retiring that Russians began hacking Hillary Clinton's emails on the day Donald Trump joked about it in July 2016.

Hurricane Season Stirs Up Climate Debate in Houston: Activist Claims ‘Environmental Racism’

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:57
Climate change zealots said on Saturday that Houston practiced “environmental racism" in its response to last year's hurricane Harvey.

Caroline Glick: Andrew Brunson Case Proves U.S.-Turkey Alliance Has Been Over for Years

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:42
The safest way to save Andrew Brunson’s life is not to bow to Erdogan’s demands, but to make the cost of taking Brunson’s life too great for even Erdogan to bear.

Transgender Referee Takes Charge in England

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:36
London (AFP) - A transgender referee was to set to take charge of a football match in England on Sunday in what was hailed by the British press as a first.

Catholics Consider Withholding Donations Amid Scandals

The Stream - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:28

For decades, Michael Drweiga has opened his wallet whenever the donation basket comes around at church, but the latest revelations of priests sexually abusing children brought him to the conclusion that he can no longer justify giving.

Brice Sokolowski helps small Catholic nonprofits and churches raise money, but he too supports the recent calls to withhold donations.

And Georgene Sorensen has felt enough anger and “just total sadness” over the past few weeks that she’s reconsidering her weekly offering at her parish.

Across the U.S., Catholics once faithful with their financial support to their churches are searching for ways to respond to the constant sex-abuse scandals that have tarnished the institution in which they believe, with back-to-back scandals in the past two months.

The most recent came Tuesday when a grand jury report revealed that hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania molested more than 1,000 children in six dioceses since the 1940s -- crimes that church leaders are accused of covering up. The report came two months after Pope Francis ordered disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick removed from public ministry amid allegations the 88-year-old retired archbishop sexually abused a teenage altar boy and engaged in sexual misconduct with adult seminarians decades ago. Last month, Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation as cardinal and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance.”

The most recent “whopper of a report” from Pennsylvania, Drweiga said, was enough to make him wonder where his money was going and whether it was being used to cover up abuses.

“In an organization that spans the whole world like the Catholic Church, you don’t know where your money is going. And when you read about these priest-abuse scandals it just raises that question to the highest power. What is this money going for?” said Drweiga, 63, who lives in Wilmette, Illinois.

Sokolowski, an Austin, Texas, resident who founded Catholicfundraiser.net to provide advice to Catholic nonprofits and churches, said he’s heard from many who are “really sick and tired” of hearing about priests abusing children.

“So the big thing that people are saying is, ‘We just need to stop funding their crap,'” said Sokolowski, 36. He said he encourages people to stop giving money to their diocese, which oversees the network of churches in an area, but to keep supporting their local parish and tell their priest and bishop what they’re doing.

Calls to financially boycott the Catholic Church are not new. Five years ago, after sex-abuse scandals rocked the archdiocese in St. Paul, Minnesota, parishioners talked about withholding their donations in protest.

But Catholics face a delicate balance because some of the money dioceses raise are shared with parishes, cautioned Dr. Edward Peters, the Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.

“I’m just saying, be careful about punishing the Spouse of Christ and her dependent children because some priests and even bishops, men presumably wedded to her as Jesus was wedded to her, abandoned her so shamelessly,” Peters wrote in a blog post Thursday, referring to the Catholic Church.

Sorensen, who lives near Tucson, Arizona, said after the McCarrick story broke, her prayer group sent a letter to her bishop voicing their concerns.

“Then came the Pennsylvania scandal and we thought, ‘Oh my God, this isn’t over. We thought it was over,'” the 72-yearold Sorensen said. “We thought we were building the new church again.”

Sorensen said she doesn’t plan to withhold money that she has pledged, including her diocese’s Annual Catholic Appeal, but she has spoken with others about the possibility of not giving a regular weekly contribution or only offering money to specific projects.

As for future major giving, she said, “we are definitely waiting to see where all the chips are going to fall.”

“It comes down to one thing: It’s the message, not the messenger,” she said. “I’m a faithful Catholic. … I will never leave the church. I will fight to save it.”

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For Eddie Shih, however, the scandal has shaken his faith -- one to which he converted about a decade ago and has intensely studied through three years of night school to earn a master’s degree in theology.

“I am struggling with it -- it’s not easy for me,” said Shih, a Taiwanese immigrant who lives in New York City and attends several Catholic churches. “I don’t think I’ll leave the church but I can imagine a lot of people … will just drop out of the church.”

Tim Lennon, the president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said his organization has fielded calls from Catholics who have pledged to stop giving to their church.

“It’s an action as opposed to just sitting here doing nothing,” he said, but added that it’s a symbolic gesture.

“That in itself will not protect children. That in itself will not support survivors. That in itself will not compel … an attorney general to take action,” he said. “It’s just a message to the church that it’s not just survivors knocking at their door as we have been for the last 30 years.”

Ilene Kennedy, a San Antonio resident who attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on Sunday, said she doesn’t know “what the fix would be” aside from “holding the higher-ups accountable.” Still, she doesn’t think withholding her money from the collection basket is the answer.

“I don’t think that we should punish all churches just for that,” she said. “I don’t think that’s right.”


Associated Press video producer Robert Bumsted in New York contributed to this report.


Copyright 2018 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Securing the Border is the Most Humane Policy

The Stream - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:00

Each month, as many as tens of thousands stream across our southern border from Central American countries without obtaining legal status. Thousands are unaccompanied alien children who have completed a perilous journey before even having reached the Rio Grande.

All Americans can agree that this is a problem. Our immigration system is broken.

From the numbers, we know that America is the most generous country in the world. Through our nation's legal immigration process, we welcome well over a million immigrant -- people who follow the correct immigration process and abide by our laws -- into America each year.

Despite this generosity, we have a severe problem with illegal immigration. As we consider the ongoing crisis on our southern border, it is fair to ask how we got to this point.

From recent media coverage, many Americans have criticized President Donald Trump's pursuit of a "zero-tolerance" immigration policy. Yet throughout American history, there is significant evidence that this kind of "enforcement-first" policy deters people from attempting dangerous journeys to reach American borders.

Let's look back at the path that has brought us to today's crisis.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill granting legal status to 2.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States. His signing of the bill was well-intentioned -- it contained a provision that was meant to strengthen immigration enforcement. Yet that never amounted to much.

The amnesty actually had the reverse effect: It encouraged millions more illegal aliens to come to the U.S. in the years that followed.

Meanwhile in the '80s, the people of Haiti suffered oppression under the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier. His regime collapsed in the late '80s, leading to a period of economic hardship that eventually spurred many Haitians to attempt boat journeys to the United States in 1992.

During that year's presidential election, then-Gov. Bill Clinton all but promised the Haitian people that he would stop the Bush administration's "cruel" practice of intercepting Haitian refugees at sea and returning them home.

However, after winning the election in November, Clinton changed his mind. In a Voice of America radio address to the people of Haiti on Jan. 14, 1993, he reversed course:

For Haitians who do seek to leave Haiti, boat departure is a terrible and dangerous choice. I've been deeply concerned by reports that many of you are preparing to travel by boat to the United States. And, I fear that boat departures in the near future would result in further tragic losses of life. For this reason, the practice of returning those who flee Haiti by boat will continue for the time being after I become president. Those who do leave Haiti for the United States by boat will be stopped and directly returned by the United States Coast Guard.

This recently-recovered radio address makes clear that Clinton had reversed his original position on migrants. As the Chicago Tribune's Stephen Chapman wrote at the time, "A lot of Haitians are disappointed to find [Clinton is] something less than a man of his word. They're not the only ones."

More recently, President Barack Obama's administration faced a crisis in 2014 when a flood of unaccompanied alien minors came across our southern border from the same countries we are discussing today -- Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Particularly for those of us who traveled to the border at the time, there is no question that Obama's dangerous "catch-and-release" policies helped to bring us to this point.

Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and Obama all learned the same lesson, albeit too late: Lax border security only leads to more illegal immigration.

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As we consider the implications of American immigration policy on those who desire to come to this great country, we know that our rhetoric matters.

The traffickers and coyotes in Central America and Mexico use our words to prey on the disadvantaged. They encourage families to put their children on top of a freight train -- the train called "La Bestia" -- from southern Mexico to the Rio Grande, subjecting children to a treacherous journey that often results in traumatic amputations, robberies, sexual assaults, and some even falling to their deaths.

When we say, or even suggest, that children might receive amnesty at the border, we put innocent lives at risk. We encourage more children to take this dangerous journey.

Yet when people believe they will be blocked by border security, backed up by a robust immigration policy, they are less likely to lead themselves or their children into danger, whether it be by land or by sea.

We can be compassionate and provide a secure border at the same time. These two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

The president has said that his highest sovereign duty is to defend this nation, which includes the defense of our borders. I believe that America is a country worth defending.

During my time in Congress, I have learned that aid can be a powerful motivator for our international neighbors. As Congress determines appropriations for fiscal year 2019, I encourage all members of Congress to consider the foreign aid we will agree to send to Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and even Mexico -- the countries whose children are fleeing to the United States for their safety. Should we reward these countries for not taking care of their children and placing the burden on the American taxpayer?

It is simply irresponsible -- it is inhumane -- for the American government to incentivize anyone to subject themselves or their children to the perilous journey to our border.

Now is the time to end this broken pattern. Congress must find a solution. We must secure our borders, and we must do it soon.


Copyright 2018 The Daily Signal

A Birth Mother’s Sacrifice: An Example for the Church

The Stream - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 21:00

“I cannot let my selfishness stand in the way of your whole well-being.”

I wasn’t very far into a series of letters shared with me from a birth mother to her son, when this sentence jumped off the page. This was a mother who knew she couldn’t give her unborn son what he needed and made what really is the ultimate sacrifice for a parent -- giving up her child for adoption. For the rest of her life, this birth mother will live with an ache for the child she gave up. But she will also live as a model of love -- the kind puts another’s happiness before your own.

A Birth Mother’s Letters

“It no longer matters what your father and I want, but what we should do so that you have the best opportunities in this life,” she wrote in a letter just one month before her son was born.

I was thinking of these letters in the wake of reading through the grand jury report about allegations against Catholic priests in Pennsylvania dioceses. Most of them involved incidents decades ago, but the rot and the leadership crisis continues. I was watching the anger, betrayal and disgust that people were feeling all around reading the headlines and the words of the victims. I was thinking of the birth mother’s letters in part because of a prayer I recently heard in church. Namely: “Almighty ever-living God, whom, taught by the Holy Spirit, we dare to call our Father, bring, we pray, to perfection in our hearts the spirit of adoption as your sons and daughters, that we may merit to enter into the inheritance which you have promised.”

Christians believe themselves to be adopted sons and daughters of God. He’s a good and generous God, who gives us so much more than we could ever deserve or earn on our own. Christians believe that our lives in this world are gifts that we should use to lovingly serve God.

Joy in Suffering

This birth mother whose letters I was blessed to read is a Catholic. Again, just before her son was born, she wrote: “I often stop in a chapel dedicated to our Lady of Providence to say a prayer that I will make the right decision concerning this new life that I will soon be bringing into the world. In the front, there is beautiful statue of Mary holding the child Jesus (who is reaching out to her). In the back of the church is a statue of the Pieta. It seems like there is so much contrast between the two. Yet some joy can be found in the suffering that Mary went through. I think of all the suffering that I have gone through, and that which is still to come when I must say goodbye to you -- It seems so great.”

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In another letter written after her son’s birth, she explains “I have thought about you every waking moment.”

She began her first letter with “My Most Precious Child.”

Precious Children

In the Catholic Church, we call priests “Father.” We believe that priests have devoted their lives to God, to act as a representative and exemplar of Christ. It’s not Father So-and-So you go to for Confession, it’s Christ who hears it through his ministry. And so, a priest is expected to gaze into the eyes of the faithful as God would, as those children He so loves. When a child is harmed in the most intimate and heinous ways by a priest, it is an incestuous evil. In the case of the man formally known as Cardinal McCarrick, he allegedly preyed on the first child who was ever baptized by his hand. And that does not even begin to touch on the despicable sacrileges described in the grand jury report.

Heroic Sacrifice Needed

There are no words that can make that better. There is no reform platform that will heal such wounds. It will take a lot of rigorous sacrifice. The Church is meant to be a loving mother. I cried going through the grand-jury report. Bishops are going to have to adopt the same kind of heroic sacrifice of the birth mother who gave up her son so he could have a better life. For the love of God and children. Nothing less -- and there are miles to go -- will even begin to restore any semblance of trust and credibility.


Kathryn Jean Lopez is senior fellow at the National Review Institute, editor-at-large of National Review Online and founding director of Catholic Voices USA. She can be contacted at klopez@nationalreview.com.

Doctor Convicted of Raping Hospital Patient Gets No Jail Time

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 20:39
A former Texas doctor convicted of raping a hospital patient who was heavily sedated will receive no jail time for his crime.

Dem Sen Gillibrand: Trump's 'Values Don't Line Up with Most Americans'

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 20:09
Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said President Donald Trump’s values didn’t ”line up with most Americans.” Gillibrand said, “I think what happens in November is going to decide what our country looks like. I think this election is a referendum on President Trump. On the fact that he doesn’t represent most Americans. That his values don’t line up with most Americans. And so being heard in this election sets the stage for everything in the future.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Ralph Peters: Trump Supporters Are 'Couch Potato Anarchists'

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 20:07
Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said President Donald Trump’s supporters were “couch potato anarchists.” Peters said, “I left Fox because as a former military officer who took an oath to the Constitution, I could not be part of a channel that to me was assaulting the Constitution, the constitutional order, the rule of law. But that said, Fox isn’t immoral, it’s amoral. It was opportunistic. Trump was a gift to Fox and fFox in turn is a gift to Trump. As you observed earlier, it’s a closed loop and so people that only listen to Fox have an utterly  skewed view of reality.” He continued, “By the way, earlier some of your guests were describing Trump world in terms of Republicans, the Republican party is gone or at least dormant. What we see now the people supporting Trump are radicals. These couch potato anarchists. They are people who don’t have a program to make America great again, and by the way America is great right now, rather, they’re destructive. They want to tear things down. They want vengeance. And Trump is brilliant at that. He’s done what autocrats and charlatans and false messiahs throughout

Ralph Peters: Trump 'Distinctly Un-American,' President, 'Enthralled to a Foreign Power'

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 20:05
Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said President Donald Trump was an “un-American president.” Peter said, “I believe, as a former Russia analyst for most of my career, and having worked directly with Russian intelligence services, I am convinced that the president of the United States is enthralled to Vladimir Putin. There is no other way to explain his behavior. And he perfectly fits the profile of the kind of people the Russians target.” He added, “So when it comes to worries, you know, Trump gives us something new to worry about virtually every day, but it’s important not to lose sight of the overall picture. This is a distinctly un-American president who really doesn’t seem to like America very much, certainly doesn’t respect it. And he’s a president who appears to be enthralled to a foreign power, a hostile foreign power. This is unbelievable to me. I could never have foreseen this. I was a pretty good analyst, made a lot more good calls than bad calls. I never could have foreseen this, to use a cliched word, this Orwellian situation.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

WATCH: Robbers Allegedly Run Woman over to Snatch Purse Containing $75,000

Breitbart News - Sun, 08/19/2018 - 19:58
A group of robbers in Texas allegedly ran over a woman Friday to try and snatch her purse containing $75,000 before fleeing the scene, according to a video of the incident.


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